Studio Seed
Studio Seed

Welcome to Studio Seed

Breathwork, Somatic, and Art Psychotherapy to help you nourish what you want to grow.

Your creativity is like a seed waiting for the right conditions to grow.

Studio Seed is the love child of 

art therapy, psychotherapy, breath-work, 

movement, kundalini yoga, and play.

Studio Seed is where you can:

ignite your innate creativity,

change longstanding subconscious patterns, 

offer deep nourishment to the soul,

re-connect to who you really are.

Creativity IS the sustaining and supportive force that fuels life and brings joy.

My name is Esther Kalaba. As a trained art therapist, somatic psychotherapist, and Kundalini yoga teacher, I began Studio Seed 15 years ago in an old warehouse building in St. Henri, Montreal. I had a passion and curiosity for how the creative process influences the psyche and I needed a large, bright space where I could explore this. Here people could play with different art materials, work big, move their bodies around, and have permission to make a mess as they found a way to make sense of the world. Over the years, I have worked with many amazing people with many mental health conditions, symptoms of trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, and have witnessed how creativity is the sustaining and supportive force that fuels life and brings joy. That energy is alive and found in the breath, in movement, in song, in creativity, in making with the hands, and with being with a vibrant community. 

It's time to begin.

Being fully aware that changing longstanding habits or patterns takes time, commitment, motivation, and consistency, many approaches are needed. Self-care is not something you do at the end of the day, when everything else has been ticked off the to-do list;

Caring for yourself is a fundamental requirement for life.

Caring for yourself is a daily practice.